Mooseheads Stanley Cup predictions


With the first round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs now underway, took a poll of several Mooseheads players prior to the playoffs to find out what teams they think¬†will make it to the Final and which team will ultimately win Lord Stanley’s mug. Five members of the Herd feel the Blackhawks will prevail as champions in 2017 while the Penguins, Bruins, Canadiens and Capitals also got some love from the players.

All but two players have Chicago at least winning the Western Conference. The Hawks obviously have some work to do as Nashville has jumped out to a big series lead. Jordan Lepage was the only player to predict an all-Canadian final. Check out the chart below to see how everyone voted.

Benoit-Olivier Groulx Pittsburgh Chicago Chicago
Max Fortier Montreal Chicago Chicago
Arnaud Durandeau Washington Chicago Chicago
Brett Crossley Montreal Chicago Chicago
Keigan Goetz Washington Chicago Chicago
Jake Coughler Pittsburgh Chicago Pittsburgh
Ben Higgins Pittsburgh Chicago Pittsburgh
Walter Flower Pittsburgh Chicago Pittsburgh
Jordan Lepage Montreal Edmonton Montreal
Frederic Aube Montreal Chicago Montreal
Cooper Jones Boston Chicago Boston
Connor Moynihan Boston Chicago Boston
Otto Somppi Washington Chicago Washington
Caleb Rich Washington Chicago Washington
Barrett Dachyshyn Ottawa Chicago Ottawa
Joel Bishop New York Chicago New York
Blade Mann-Dixon Columbus Minnesota Minnesota
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