The “One on One” program was developed during the inaugural year of the Halifax Mooseheads Hockey Club in 1994 under Coach and General Manager Clement Jodoin.


The program was developed with the idea in mind to have senior police officers as positive role models for the players and support them as required. For many of the players Halifax is a new city and there are few familiar faces, these officers try to make the transition as smooth as possible.


In an effort to accomplish the transition, police officers assist the coaches and management during Training Camp providing encouragement and support to the players. Once the team is finalized officers are assigned to a group of players and work hard to try and develop a friendship. Officers will make contact with their assigned players by attending practices, games and getting together with them away from the rink.


Throughout the season, officers will accompany the team on road trips, will attend community appearances with the players, such as school visits and IWK visits and will take part in monthly group activities.  In the past group activities have included softball tournaments, pool tournaments, pistol shooting at the range along with a try on the firearms simulator. Players will also get an opportunity to go out on patrol.


Also, the Halifax Regional Police is pleased to be able to offer to the Halifax Mooseheads Hockey Club the full use of the Employee Assistance Program (EAP) which has trained referral agents who can assist the player in getting assistance or help if required. The most important part of this program is the confidentiality that goes along with any referral.


Over the past 13 years many strong friendships have been formed and maintained between police officers many of whom still keep in touch long after the players have graduated from the Mooseheads. This year should be no different and with the possibility of this being the most successful year for the franchise we look forward to it as much as you the FANS.


Superintendent Stephen D. Sykes

Program Coordinator