Career Development Program


In September 2017, we launched the Mooseheads Career Development program in partnership with En Point, aimed at supporting former Mooseheads players in their transition from post-secondary into the professional world.  We’re happy to share that we’re offering this program again to support more Mooseheads Alumni as they start and build their careers.

What to expect

As a participant in the program, former players will:

  1. Meet with a dedicated Career Strategist from our partner En Point to discuss individual career options/paths, challenges, and solutions.
  2. Have access to a suite of online learning tools on a number of topics related to career.
    • Topics include: developing your career strategy, figuring out what’s next, personal branding, networking, resumes, online portfolios, interviewing skills, and managing your mentor. Other topics may be introduced throughout the course of the program depending on participant interests.
  3. Be matched and meet with a mentor in a field of interest.
    • You’re encouraged to meet at least 6 times over a 7-month period (Jan-July ’19)
    • Your mentor will help you make connections, connect what you learn in the classroom to the practical world, provide feedback about your strengths and areas of improvement, and help you uncover opportunities in your industries of interest to name a few benefits.

Program goals

Throughout the program, you will have the opportunity and support to:

  1. Identify career options and a path to those options.
  2. Create a personal career strategy.
  3. Build or strengthen existing “job seeker toolkit”, i.e. resume, cover letter, interviewing skills, networking strategies and skills, etc.
  4. Learn tactics and practices that can be used during and after the program to advance in professional life.
  5. Build self-confidence.
  6. Gain an understanding of career paths, labor market trends, and opportunities.

Who is eligible?

  1. Former Mooseheads players who have:
    1. graduated from a post-secondary institution or started their career in the last 5 years
    2. OR will be graduating from a post-secondary institution in 2018, 2019, 2020, or 2021
  2. Participants must be willing to commit time to the program, including: meeting with a Career Strategist (unlimited) and an assigned mentor (6 times over 7 months), leverage online learning, and work on deliverables, such as a resume.


If you’re interested in participating, sign up here; it only takes 2 minutes!

The information provided will be used to match you with a mentor and by our partner, En Point, to contact you so please ensure to use an email address that you regularly check.

Click here for the En Point Mentorship Program