En Point Mentorship Program


As part of our Career Development Program, participating former Mooseheads players will be matched with a mentor in their field of interest.

Each participating mentee/mentor will determine his/her own specific goals; however, the overarching goals of the mentorship are to help mentees:

  • Discover career paths (explore personal preferences and career options)
  • Develop a plan/ strategy towards future career goals
  • Create networking strategies
  • Gain practical workplace insights from mentors
  • Learn methods for how to gain work experience or look for career opportunities
  • Relate a field of study to career outcomes (applying theory to practice)
  • Access a support system during critical stages of your professional development
  • Learn from diverse perspectives and experiences
  • Gain access to powerful resources (people, websites, tools, etc.) within your profession
  • Identify strengths, skill gaps, and/or areas of improvement
  • Build the foundation for a lasting professional network

Commitment & Timeline

  • Mentors are asked to meet with their appointed mentee at least 6 times over the course of a 7-month period.
  • We anticipate that mentorships will start in January 2019 but may be as early as December 2018 depending on schedules of mentees/mentors.
  • Meetings can occur in person (ideal where possible), by phone, and/or video conferencing.

If you’re interested in participating, sign up here; it only takes 2 minutes!

The information provided will be used to match you with a mentee.  You’ll be notified once you’ve been matched and at that point it is the student’s responsibility to reach out to you.